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The Adventures of Captain Underpants: The First Epic Novel

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The Adventures of Captain Underpants: The First Epic Novel by Dav Pilkey
When George and Harold hypnotize their principal into thinking that he is the superhero Captain Underpants, he leads them to the lair of the nefarious Dr. Diaper, where they must defeat his evil robot henchmen. (catalog summary)

Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie is an upcoming 2017 American family film based on the children's novel. The film is being produced by DreamWorks Animation and Scholastic Entertainment with animation production provided by Mikros Image. It is being directed by David Soren, written by Nicholas Stoller, and stars the voices of Ed Helms, Kevin Hart, Nick Kroll, Thomas Middleditch, Jordan Peele and Kristen Schaal. The film is scheduled to be released on June 2, 2017, in 3D and 2D in the United States. See the HD trailer below

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Captain Underpants And The Big, Bad Battle Of The Bionic Booger BoyCaptain Underpants and the Preposterous Plight of the Purple Potty PeopleCaptain Underpants and the Terrifying Return of Tippy TinkletrousersCaptain Underpants and the Revolting Revenge of the Radioactive Robo-boxers

Read-a-likes for Captain Underpants Fans!

Dragonbreath: Curse of the Weir-wiener by Ursula Vernon

Dragonbreath: Curse of the Weir-wiener
 by Ursula Vernon

Danny Dragonbreath and his best friend Wendell thought the hot dog from the school cafeteria looked a little . . . off. Then things got weird when the hot dog bit Wendell, and weirder still when Wendell started to sprout back hair. Could Wendell be morphing into a . . . ( cue ominous music ) were-wiener? All evidence points to yes. And unless he and Danny can get past the lunch ladies and slay the alpha-wurst, the whole school could be infected. (catalog summary)


Frankie Pickle and the Closet of Doom by Eric Wright

Frankie Pickle
 book series by Eric Wright

In The Closet of Doom: Fourth-grader Frankie Piccolini has a vivid imagination when it comes to cleaning his disastrously messy room, but eventually even he decides that it is just too dirty. Comic strip illustrations are interspersed throughout the text. (catalog summary)


Franny K. Stein: Lunch Walks Among Us by Jim Benton

Franny K. Stein: Lunch Walks Among Us
 by Jim Benton
Franny K. Stein is a mad scientist who prefers all things spooky and creepy, but when she has trouble making friends at her new school she experiments with fitting in—which works until a monster erupts from the trashcan. (catalog summary)


Geronimo Stilton, Secret Agent

Geronimo Stilton, Secret Agent
My sister, Thea, is the mystery-loving rodent, not me! But somehow I found myself going undercover to get to the bottom of a case. Slimy Swiss balls! I hardly knew where to start! Geronimo Stilton, Secret Agent Mouse? Maybe I could get used to that. (catalog summary)


Lunch Lady and the Cyborg Substitute by Jarrett Krosoczka

Lunch Lady graphic novels
by Jarrett Krosoczka

From the Cyborg Substitute: The school lunch lady is a secret crime fighter who uncovers an evil plot to replace all the popular teachers with robots. (catalog summary)


Ms. Hannah is Bananas! by Dan Gutman
My Weird School book series by Dan Gutman

From Ms. Hannah is Bananas: In the fourth book of the original My Weird School series, art teacher Ms. Hannah shows A.J. and the gang that art is everywhere! She wears dresses made out of potholders and collects garbage instead of throwing it out. And even makes A.J. draw a picture with smelly, tattletale Andrea! Perfect for reluctant readers and word lovers alike, Dan Gutman's insanely popular My Weird School series has something for everyone. Don't miss any more hilarious adventures from A.J. and the gang. (catalog summary)


Squish [1], Super Amoeba by Jennifer L. Holm

Squish graphic novels
 by Jennifer L. Holm

Squish, a meek amoeba who loves the comic book exploits of his favorite hero, "Super Amoeba," tries to emulate him when his best friend is threatened by a bully. (catalog summary)


Stink and the World's Worst Super-Stinky Sneakers by Megan McDonald
Stink and the World's Worst Super-Stinky Sneakers
by Megan McDonald

When Stink Moody's second-grade class goes on a field trip to the Gross-Me-Out exhibit at the science museum, he learns that his very own nose has amazing sniffing abilities—and that some people have real jobs sniffing stuff for NASA! Soon Stink is engrossed in toilet water, corpse flowers, and all things smelly. But is his fetid footwear foul enough to win a Golden Clothespin Award? Loyal fans will be holding their breath for Stink's latest outrageous solo adventure. (catalog summary)


The Knights of the Kitchen Table by Jon Scieszka

The Timewarp Trio book series
by Jon Scieszka

From The Knights of the Kitchen Table: Joe receives a magic book for his birthday present from his uncle. Joe, Fred and Sam are transported to a time when evil knights, fire-breathing dragons and vile-smelling giants roamed the land. (catalog summary)