The Cornbread Gospels: Over 200 Recipes by Crescent Dragonwagon

The Cornbread Gospels: Over 200 Recipes by Crescent Dragonwagon

People can be mighty particular about their cornbread. They have strong feelings about which kind of meal to use (yellow or white), what to cook it in, what to use for leavening, and what to add in for extra flavor—or not. From such regional and personal beliefs comes Crescent Dragonwagon’s The Cornbread Gospels, with delicious takes on this homespun favorite.

If you’re looking to expand your knowledge of the joys of cornbread, whether it’s a semi-soufflé of spoonbread for the Thanksgiving meal or something plainer to go with your New Year’s Day black-eyed peas, The Cornbread Gospels has your dish. Drawn from the recipe files of excellent cooks from across America and around the world, you’ll get a taste for different cultures as well as their preferred methods and flavors, with the talented wordsmith Crescent Dragonwagon as your guide.

From the introduction:

“Together in this book we’ll bite into homemade corn tortillas, hot, pliable, and seductive, straight from the griddle. We will carefully get buttery cast-iron skillets smoking hot, and then pour in the cornbread batter we’ve made. We’ll hear it sizzle invitingly as it hits the hot skillet, and we’ll discover and rediscover, after baking, that the instant contact results in the most amazingly good crisp-crunchy golden brown crust, a revelation and a joy to bite into.”

From High Desert Blue Corn Muffins with Sage and Toasted Pine Nuts to Newport County-Style Thin and Lacy Jonnycakes and all the fritters and skillet breads in between, you’ll find amazing mouthfuls of comfort and joy. The author also includes important go-withs for the many kinds of cornbread: Old South Style Greens, Pomegranate-Hazelnut Salad, Basic Frijoles, New England Baked Beans, Caldo Verde from Portugal, and more.

If you enjoy the welcoming cross-cultural kitchen-talk that fills The Cornbread Gospels, you might also enjoy Crescent Dragonwagon’s other books, Bean by Bean and The Passionate Vegetarian, for more satisfying fare for the body and the spirit.