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Jody Lewandowski

11/15/2017 - 2:57pm
Fabulous Friday: Fur the Love of Pets

Bow-wowzers, I hope you have a furry friend to keep you warm this winter! Come celebrate the pets in your life with us. Fabulous Friday: Fur the Love of Pets will take place at three library branches in December in partnership with the Fredericksburg SPCA.

We’ll start with a special lesson from the SPCA on proper pet care and the safest ways to approach dogs you don’t know, then lend a paw in making toys and treats for our furry friends at the local animal shelters. Grades K-6. Just drop in.

05/03/2017 - 9:29am
Super Summer Smash!

Ready to start your summer with a smash? With everything from pizza and a movie to games and friends, the CRRL invites all teens to relax and have fun at our annual Super Summer Smash events.

The fun starts at the Porter Branch on Friday, June 16, and at the Headquarters Library on Saturday, June 17. Both events are from 6:00-8:00 for teens in grades 6-12. The library will be closed to everyone but you at these special after-hours events. 

04/25/2017 - 12:53pm

Not every child today learns in a big building with lots of other students all studying the same things at the same time. In the past twenty years, the homeschool phenomenon has caught fire across America.

04/27/2017 - 2:58pm
Launch It! A Trebuchet Contest

This May for the first time, Central Rappahannock Regional Library will be running a trebuchet contest. A trebuchet is a kind of medieval siege engine. Full-sized ones were used to smash down castle walls. This contest will be a fun, family event, and you can join in by bringing your handcrafted trebuchet and testing it against your competitors!

01/17/2017 - 1:20pm
21st Annual Teen Art Show Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the 21st Annual Teen Art Show! The 11th and 12th graders were judged by Johnny Johnson, a local artist with an international reputation for excellence, and 11th and 12th graders judged the 9th and 10th graders.



04/03/2017 - 11:16am
22nd Annual Teen Art Show

For 22 years and counting, CRRL has provided a forum for area teen artists in grades 9-12 to be recognized for their talent during a monthlong display at Headquarters Library. 

2017 Teen Art Show Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the 22nd Annual Teen Art Show! The 11th and 12th graders were judged by local artist Linda Warshaw and 11th and 12th graders judged the 9th and 10th graders.

Best In Show, “Father and Daughter” by Anna Tippett



Best In Show

"Father and Daughter" by Anna Tippett
Grade 12, Massaponax High School
Media: Oil





Grades 9-10, Judged by 11-12 Art Students

1st Place, 9-10 Grade, “Wishing for Waffles” by Melanie Hauf


1st Place

"Wishing for Waffles" by Melanie Hauf
Grade 10, Fredericksburg Christian High School
Media: Watercolor pencil and acrylic



2nd Place, Grades 9-10, “Tattoos” by Serena McGowan




2nd Place

"Tattoos" by Serena McGowan
Grade 10, Massaponax High School
Media: Colored and graphite pencil






3rd Place, Grades 9-10, “Night Sky “ by Meghan Sheppard


3rd Place

"Night Sky" by Meghan Sheppard
Grade 10, Stafford High School
Media: Acrylic






Honorable Mention, Grades 9-10, “The Girl Under The Dream” by Guadalupe Murillo-Lopez



Honorable Mention

"The Girl Under The Dream" by Guadalupe Murillo-Lopez
Grade 9, Washington and Lee High School
Media: Scratchboard








"Koi Pond" by Meghan Sheppard, Grade 10, Stafford High School

Honorable Mention 

"Koi Pond" by Meghan Sheppard
Grade 10, Stafford High School
Media: Acrylic



Grades 11-12, Judged by Linda Warshaw

"American Beauty" by Halley Conrad Grade 11, North Stafford High School

1st Place 

"American Beauty" by Halley Conrad
Grade 11, North Stafford High School
Media: Mixed media








2nd Place, Grades 11-12, “Arabian Dressage” by Calista Rieken

2nd Place

"Arabian Dressage" by Calista Rieken
Grade 11, Massaponax High School
Media: Scratchboard






3rd Place, Grades 11-12, “Hammer Time” by Danielle Bardon




3rd Place

"Hammer Time" by Danielle Bardon
Grade 12, Chancellor High School
Media: India ink and charcoal








Honorable Mention, Grades 11-12, “The Fox and the Skull” by Krysti Muccia


Honorable Mention

"The Fox and the Skull" by Krysti Muccia
Grade 11, Massaponax High School
Media: Watercolor and ink






Honorable Mention, Grades 11-12, “The Epitome of an African gem” by Ananda Hale




Honorable Mention

"The Epitome of an African gem" by Ananda Hale
Grade 12, Massaponax High School
Media: Mixed media







Honorable Mention, Grades 11-12, “Bird Nouveau” by Sarah B. Whitley




Honorable Mention

"Bird Nouveau" by Sarah B. Whitley
Grade 11, Massaponax High School
Media: Watercolor







Honorable Mention, Grades 11-12, “Grace” by Reina Hammer


Honorable Mention

"Grace" by Reina Hammer
Grade 11, Massaponax High School
Media: Mixed media






Honorable Mention, Grades 11-12, “The Beauty of Forever” by Infiniti Smith



Honorable Mention

"The Beauty of Forever" by Infiniti Smith
Grade 11, Washington and Lee High School
Media: Graphite



Honorable Mention, Grades 11-12, “Warning Label “ by Halley Conrad


Honorable Mention

"Warning Label" by Halley Conrad
Grade 11, North Stafford High School
Media: Acrylic





About the Show

-A sampling of entries will on display at the Headquarters Library from March 4 - March 29, 2017.

-Works are grouped into two judging categories: Grades 9-10 and Grades 11-12.

-Artwork will be judged prior to the opening. Local artist Linda Warshaw will judge the Grades 11-12 category, and participants in grades 11-12 will judge Grades 9-10. The student judges develop critical evaluation skills by judging the work of younger participants.

-Artists in each category compete for first place, second place, third place, and honorable mention.

-The two artists who receive first place in their categories will be given their own show in the Atrium the following December.

-For more information, please call Youth Services at 540-372-1144.

-View Show Rules

06/20/2016 - 2:00pm
Grow a Reader: Sing, Sing a Song

“Bouncing, bouncing, panda on my knee; bouncing, bouncing, 1-2-3!”* I peeked around the doorframe to see my 3-year-old daughter with her stuffed panda, singing it a song I had sung to her and her brother over and over and gently bouncing it on her knee. I was delighted! Not only was she singing, she was playing with the lyrics, making them her own.

Fast forward two years, and I overhear my son singing while he’s playing with LEGOs, “Rain, rain, go away, Mia and Eli want to play…” We are definitely a singing household. I grew up learning folk songs as Dad accompanied us on guitar. My mom sings Christmas carols year-round while she does chores. The kids and I sing songs anytime we are driving in the car. They often request that I play songs by title.

02/05/2016 - 4:46pm
An Interview with the 23rd Regiment United States Colored Troops

The 23rd Regiment was the first African American unit to fight against the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia. They met on the battlefield on May 15, 1864, during the Battle of Spotsylvania Court House. Today’s living history organization, named for the 23rd, is headquartered in the Spotsylvania area and works in conjunction with the John J. Wright Educational & Cultural Center Museum.

10/04/2016 - 9:54am
If you like Graceling by Kristin Cashore

This readalike is in response to a customer's book-match request. If you would like personalized reading recommendations, fill out the book-match form and a librarian will email suggested titles to you. Available for adults, teens, and kids. You can browse other book matches here.

Graceling by Kristin Cashore
In a world where some people are born with extreme and often-feared skills called Graces, Katsa struggles for redemption from her own horrifying Grace, the Grace of killing, and teams up with another young fighter to save their land from a corrupt king. (catalog summary)

If you enjoyed Graceling by Kristin Cashore, you'll definitely want to check out:

by Brandon Mull
When Kendra and Seth go to stay at their grandparents' estate, they discover that it is a sanctuary for magical creatures and that a battle between good and evil is looming. (catalog summary)



Finnikin of the Rock by Melina Marchetta
Now on the cusp of manhood, Finnikin, who was a child when the royal family of Lumatere was brutally murdered and replaced by an impostor, reluctantly joins forces with an enigmatic young novice and fellow-exile, who claims that her dark dreams will lead them to a surviving royal child and a way to regain the throne of Lumatere. (catalog summary)

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